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  1. David Register
  2. John Cearley

Irwin Sentilles

Irwin founded Shady Hill Studios (SHS) in 2002 to meet the growing demand for more affordable, more personal websites. Under his leadership, SHS has grown to become a design innovation company with the ability to execute across a wide range of mediums, from web and print to built environment installations, serving clients around the world. Irwin has a master’s degree in architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and a bachelor’s degree from Duke, where he studied civil engineering, art, and computer science. Irwin is an entrepreneurial designer who creatively and relentlessly explores the theoretical to develop practical, innovative, business solutions to design problems. He also plays the guitar, plays with his two kids, and can quote almost every line from Waiting for Guffman.

Zoe Design Works

Zoe received her masters from Pratt in graphic design before starting Zoe Design Works (ZDW) in 2008. In addition to her expertise in interface design, Zoe specializes in branding, editorial design, and motion graphics. ZDW has been featured in ID Magazine and received a Higher Education Marketing Award. Clients include the University of Massachusetts, Western New England University, City University of New York (CUNY), Us Weekly, Rolling Stone, Free Press, Blue Pixel, and Monadnock Media.

Echelon Business Solutions

Brent Carnduff is the founder and president of Echelon Business Solutions. Brent has an MBA in Financial Planning with specialized studies in Internet Marketing from California Lutheran University.

Sea Dream Designs

David Register

David has worked with Invivia out of Boston for the last four years as an Information Architect and Usability Engineer for clients ranging from Microsoft to LG. David has contracted for Shady Hill Studios on a number of web projects including UMass, MindTime, and Quant Shares.

While at Invivia, David has worked on projects for Microsoft, Machine & Geist, Garoo, and Quality Metric, Inc.

John Cearley

After working with Oracle for five years, John returned to school to get his masters in architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. He has worked as a contractor for Shady Hill Studios on five projects over the last year.

While at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates John contributed to the landscape plan for the Northwest Science building at Harvard University.

Austin, Texas and Ketchum, Idaho.
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